Photo Sep 19, 1 30 38 PMWe are very fortunate to have amazing trails in Trinity County and are proud that the Weaver Basin Trail System is hosting the World Championships two weeks from today!!

We’re also very fortunate to have a fantastic campus for the race, Trinity High School, home of the Trinity Wolves, where the football stadium will be a hub of activity before and during the World Solo 24 Hour Mountain Bike Championships!

The administration and staff at Trinity High School and the school district have been fantastic to work with and we are so grateful to be able to utilize this excellent venue.

We were out “on campus” today and took a few pics when the phone rang from our trail crew, Photo Sep 19, 1 38 35 PM Photo Sep 19, 1 40 54 PM Photo Sep 19, 11 55 12 AM telling us that the trails have never been in better shape and what a fantastic volunteer turnout they had for trail day.

Time to count it down.  Here we go.

#weaverville24 #wembo2015 @world24hr

Trinity Wolves Welcome the Worlds!